Looking for a dramatic way to increase your curb appeal?

In addition to roofing, our company is a one stop shop for all of your home’s exterior construction needs. Looking to update the exterior of your home or business? Is more than your roof is damaged after a big storm? Brady Contracting & Consulting can help with a wide range of options for siding, gutters and window replacement.


If you’re looking for a dramatic way to increase your home or business curb appeal and save money on your energy bills, siding is the best way. It provides you with a great return on your investment.

Upgrading or replacing your exterior siding can be a daunting decision. Mainly because of the all the choices you have to make on the different types of siding for homes. Insulated vinyl, fiber cement, or wooden shakes are just a few of the siding options and materials you have as a homeowner. Education is key to making a comfortable and calculated decision that will allow you to sleep well at night.  Our experienced team can help you make the best decision for your needs.


Brady Contracting offers a variety of siding options that are attractive, durable, energy efficient and economical. Common siding choices offered include:

Fiber Cement
Wood Bevel
Wood Shake


Brady Contracting & Consulting provides high quality, dependable, seamless gutters in an assortment of colors to compliment your home.
Just like roofing, guttering is an essential feature to keep your home water tight. They help prevent your structure from wood rot and decay, and they also help prevent flooding and other issues associated with too much moisture near your foundation.

Unfortunately, gutters are easily clogged with leaves, limbs and other debris. This can cause a maintenance nightmare that requires many hours of work from a ladder or roof. To prevent this, Brady Contracting can also install gutter screens or Leaf Relief Systems to help prevent your gutters from filling with debris.


Replacing windows is an important home improvement project in these times of rising costs for home heating and cooling.  You can increase your homes energy efficiency, helping you save money throughout the year simply by installing new windows.  Replacement windows are more energy efficient and can reduce costs of heating and cooling up to 50% in addition to increasing the value of your home. Brady Contracting provides numerous window styles, sizes, and materials from to match your style. We will help you find the best window replacement option for your home so you will be happy with your decisions in the years to come.


Double hung windows
Storm windows
Sliding Glass windows
Awning windows
Bay and Bow windows
Custom Build Windows